About Suihuank
Mallforms Suihuank is a company providing complex communication solutions based on the XML data interchange format. Our effort is currently focused on the development of  Mallforms Temporary Walls architecture. More
 About This Site
This video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP_AtR7TJOc is an example of XML-based web server that can be build up using the Charlie technology. All presented data are organized in XML files with it's own logical structure different from the structure of resulting HTML pages. Single pages are created on the fly by processing corresponding XSLT template and XML documents. For more details on Charlie Open Source project click here. To see an example of how this site works click here.
 Sablotron - an Open Source XSLT Processor
If you are still looking for a convenient XSLT processor, try Sablotron. Sablotron is written in "pure 100% C++" and is designed to be as compact and portable as possible. Thought it doesn't implement complete W3C recommendation yet, it does support a major subset and is a subject of intensive development now. Sablotron is available under the MPL or GNU license and is maintained as an Open Source project.